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purebred cat rescue

Adoption Fees

We do request a donation (adoption fee) for our pets.
Adoption Fee for Cats - $425
Kittens $475 - Aged 6 months and under.
plus donation at your discretion


The Fee includes a complete vet physical and treatments for any illness until healthy unless otherwise informed. If required they are fully vaccinated (for kittens this is 2 sets of vaccines), sterilized with a complete comfort package, and parasite treated. All cats are kept in loving foster homes, groomed, and cared for medically and emotionally until they are ready for adoption. 

Our founder Maggie Shuter is a Feline Behaviour Consultant and is always available for questions or concerns from any of our adoptive families.

Please Note

All money and/or donations we receive go directly to cover our medical bills;

no profit is ever made on an adoptive animal. To avoid travel stress on the animals, local applications will be given priority.

We reserve the right, at any time, to decline a prospective adoptee without explanation.
As a benefit to cats in our care, we will not accept applications from families that have the intention to declaw or allow a cat outside without supervision.

If you can, please consider an amount greater than the minimum Adoption Fee required.

Cat Sleeping

Please visit Petfinder to see our adoptees looking for their furever homes!

If you are seeking to adopt, look no further. All of our cats available for adoption are listed on Petfinder. If you see a cat you are interested in, simply click on the inquiry link and we will contact you to give you more information and arrange for you to meet


Please complete all questions on the adoption form. If you are the right match. A Chatopia team member will contact you.

To apply to be a Chatopia foster, please complete the form and we will be in touch soon.

If you wish to surrender a cat to Chatopia, please contact us at A Chatopia team member and they will be in touch soon.

The information you provide in the questionnaires will NOT be shared with any third party
and will be used exclusively for purposes of this adoption process.
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